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Lamasa Craft: Toothpick stand

I love to make miniature articles of Lamasa clay. Lamasa is a soft dough and easy to handle. And most important, it's a non-toxic clay.

I have tried to make a Toothpick stand. This time i wanted to make something different, something theme based. So, Keeping scenery theme in mind, i have arranged coconut tree, huts and well around toothpick stand. And i really liked the way it turned out. Hope you liked it too.


  1. Hi
    This Lamasa craft work is very pretty.
    Thanks for posting this.
    Can you let me know the preparation method for this craft.
    Thanks in advance
  2. itzz beautiful...can u show me more pics of it...thanx in advance..
  3. Hi
    I like ur lamasa craft.
    can u tell me what is lamasa clay?
Thank you!
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