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Ceramic clay art - fruits on wooden base

This fruit mural is made up of clay. I have used homemade clay for this mural.
1. For making clay, you will have to take ceramic powder and camel gum ( it comes a blue bottle). Mix the ceramic powder and camel gum and form a soft dough ( It's a little messy work). You can also use Black M-seal instead of clay.

2. To make this mural you need a wooden base ( MDF plywood/tile). If you are using wooden base, then first you will have to give a thin layer of water base primer coat.

3. After your primer coat is dried, you can make fruit shapes with homemade clay/ M-seal. Place your fruit shapes on your base as you wish.

4. When your clay fruits are completely dried, then again apply thin layer of primer to it. Primer takes 10-15 mins to dry.

5. Now, you can colour your mural. After colouring, you can also apply varnish. Varnish will give extra glaze to your mural.

Try to make your own mural at home. Its easy to make.

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  1. Hi Priyadarshini
    Nice work. I loved the colours and shapes. I found your blog while searching for ceramic work inspirations. Thanks for sharing.
Thank you!
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