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Glass Painting

This painting of mine is 2 and1/2 feet. Here, it is called Stain glass painting. But in stain glass, there is lot of glass cut work, so i will just call it a glass painting.

To make this glass painting, the procedure is given below:

1. Select any design you like for your glass painting. Take a clean glass. Place your design beneath the glass.

2. For cone work, mix ceramic powder and fevicol. Fill this mixture in cone ( you also get ready made black out liner in a craft shop). Cone work takes 5-6 hrs to dry up. After cone work is dried up completely, you can fill the colour.

3. For Colour filling, mix each colour with Resin and Hardner. Resin and Hardner is taken in 2:1 proportion. Glass Colour takes almost 10 hrs to dry up completely.

After completion of this procedure, your painting is ready to be framed.


  1. Really a very Nice Idea,and of course nice Painting too....plz visit my Blog too....

    My Blog address is http://craftforthecrafty.blogspot.com/

  2. Thank you, Shweta! Your comments and visits are much appreciated!

    Keep coming!

  3. Wow, amazing work. Got a nice idea to make a gift for my husband for our wedding anniversary. Thanks a million. Do look in to my blog: http://ramblingsofmyrambunctiousmind.blogspot.com/

    Take care.

  4. Thank you for appreciating my work, Sudhaa. Do visit again!

  5. Nice art work...........Instead of a simple glass painting its looking like meenakari work on glass.......Superb


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