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Relief Work Painting

This painting is known as Relief Work Painting ( Mural).

This work is done on wooden base or mirror. To do this work, special type of mud is used. In this mural, cone work is done. After completion of cone work, embossing effect is given. Embossing effect depends as per artists requirement.

Last step of Mural is colouring. In relief work painting/ mural use of colours depends on concept of design chosen. After colouring process, your painting is ready to be framed.


  1. It's so impressive!
  2. Thank you,Inna.
  3. i simply loved ur creation..its amazingly osum..plz guide n share the complete procedure..da colors used n embossing done from which mud?? plz plz.. i ll be very gratefull. i m dying to try dis too..
  4. highly impressed with the relief works coulg you please give some procedure what is the mud udes?
Thank you!
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