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Lamasa craft - fridge magnets

Few days ago, I had tried to make some fridge magnets out of lamasa clay. They came out very well and I thought that I should share these with you all.

kalanirmitee: lamasa clay craft-fridge magnetsI have tried to make a mushroom. This original piece was made in rubber moulding by me many years back. I have tried to make this in lamasa clay.

kalanirmitee: lamasa clay craft-fridge magnets I have also tried cup cake and burger.
Hope you all liked my lamasa stuff. Thank you!!


  1. i looks cute..
  2. Dear Priyadarshini,
    I am Vidhya Hemmady, from Mumbai (
    I liked your Lamasa mushroom. I tried making items out of lamasa, but was unsuccessful. I think the ingredients or the rario in which I took the ingredients was not correct. Is it possible to tell me the exact way of making lamasa dough? I would be highly obliged if you could email me.
Thank you!
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