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Recycled craft

This time I have recycled a box into a lovely frame. I hope you liked it.

view of Opened box....

I have pasted white colour stripes on the box. so that it will give a frame look.

Later on I have used dried leaves and flowers made up of pencil shavings. ( After my project was finished, I realized that I should have used dark clolour strips instead of white...never mind)

complete look of frame..

You can use this frame as a photo frame or as a frame for your paper quilling or punch craft projects.

 Please feel free to contribute and suggest any of your ideas. Your suggestion and comments will always be welcome. Hope you enjoy my blog.

Thank you!!
Happy crafting!!

.... Do visit again!!

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  1. What a novel idea! You're so creative! :D
    These would look so pretty as picture frames on the wall, especially spacing a few of them near each other on a wall.
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