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Lantern for Diwali

We had made two lanterns. I have posted step by step procedure of one Diwali lantern in my earlier post. Click here to checkout other post! My daughter wanted to make lantern for Diwali. So we both started making Lantern. It was fun. I have clicked pictures of step by step procedures of making Diwali lantern. Let's make a Lantern in 5 simple steps:

1) Take a rectangular piece of paper ( any colour).
Take two rectangular papers (any colour). One paper should be 1cm smaller in size than the other one. Keep one paper plain. On plain paper, leave 1cm space and start sticking 1cm paper strips at bottom of the paper (same as we had done in our earlier post).
2) Decorate it with stickers or sparkles. Leave 1 cm of space before decorating your paper

3) Turn the paper and again leave 1cm space. Start sticking paper strips. I have used 2 colour strips. They are 1cm wide.

4) Glue that 1cm space which we have left. After gluing overlap it with the 1cm space left on front side of paper.

5) This is what you will get. Take 1 strip and glue or staple it from one side to other at the top of lantern. A small handmade lantern - a craft activity which you can enjoy with your kids.

Your Diwali lantern is ready.

Hope you enjoy this craft activity with your kids.

Please feel free to contribute and suggest any of your ideas. Your suggestion and comments will always be welcome.

Thank you!!
Happy crafting!!

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