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Wooden rangoli's

These are wooden rangoli's. Also known as re-usable rangoli's. Only 1 month left for Diwali, so this time tried my hands on making these wooden rangoli's. A small break from my quilling work. Will be back with some more rangoli patterns and of course my quilling work.

Thank you!!

Happy crafting!!Happy Quilling!!


  1. SOOO pretty! You could quill these designs too! Thanks for your comment on my blog.
  2. Thank you, Philippa.
  3. Wow ! These are very beautiful and very useful and time saving too in busy days of diwali.I liked all the kundans you have used to embellish it !
  4. Fabulous rangolis They are a treat to the sore eyes.All the best
  5. Thank you,Anandhi.
Thank you!
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