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Quilled earrings

 Quilled earrings: I have used paper 1inch in width and 12 inch in length. Design on the paper is done with sparkle pens.

kalanirmitee: quilling-earrings
Tutorial: Material used: Paper strips,Metal wires(golden and silver),metal caps(golden and silver),earring hooks,sparkle pens.

kalanirmitee: quilling-quilledearrings
Design is made on 1/4th of the paper.

kalanirmitee: quilling-quilledearrings

Then roll the paper into bead shape (tight coil). Assemble the material to form a pair of earrings.

kalanirmitee: quilling-quilledearrings

Added pearls to the earrings...

kalanirmitee: quilling-quilledearrings

kalanirmitee: quilling-quilledearrings

Please feel free to contribute and suggest any of your ideas. Your suggestion and comments will always be welcome. Hope you enjoy my blog.

Thank you!!
Happy Quilling!!


  1. Wow ! I liked these earrings too ! Thanks for sharing !
  2. Looks so fabulous!!
  3. awesome work priya
  4. lovely work
  5. there lovely !!!!
  6. cute one!!!
  7. So pretty and such an useful idea.
  8. Wow. Thank you for sharing. I just commented on ur previous post regarding how u do that painting. Voila! u already answered it here. :) So cool work. Love it! Will definitely give a try ☺
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