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Quilled portrait

This is a quilled portrait of my brother.On his birthday last year,I asked what gift he wants and he replied that he want his portrait to be made using quilling techniques.He wanted the turban to be made in orange colour instead of pink(in original photograph). I am happy and very excited as I was able to do finish this portrait in one day.
I have used 3mm quilling strips. His kurta is filled with bee-hive quilling technique, added pearls to its collar, shading is done with red colour glitter pen. For his beard,I have used zig-zagging technique.
For turban,I have used 3mm orange colour strips.Shading of turban is first done with red felt pens and again used red glitter pen to give a glitter shimmering look. Size of portrait is 9 inches/10 inches.

Quilled portrait with original photograph:

kalanirmitee: quilling-quilled portrait

Quilled Portrait:

kalanirmitee: quilling-quilled portrait

Please feel free to contribute and suggest any of your ideas. Your suggestion and comments will always be welcome. Hope you enjoy my blog.

Thank you!!
Happy Quilling!!


  1. Oh my !..this is amazing !Initially i thought you must havedone quilling on outlines only..but you havefilled the turban so perfectly that even the folds are visible ..
  2. Outstanding Priyadarshini. The turban quilled to perfection.
  3. its awesome, sure your brother loves it !!!
  4. wow :) speechless.... amazing!
  5. Big Wow...Sure ur brother will treasure this :)
  6. Oh Boy!! You are a brilliant artist and I envy you. You got the likeness so perfectly. I am speechless!!
Thank you!
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