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Quilled card: Mothers Day Card

Quilled Mother's day card:

I have used 3mm quilling strips. I have used Bee-hive quilling technique for dresses and crimping technique to make the border. Added pearls and sequins.I wanted to do facial features with paper but found it difficult because of small faces. So I was little disappointed as I had to complete the eyes,nose and lips with black pen. Enjoyed doing this little one helped me in arranging those pearls and sequins.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers!

Please feel free to contribute and suggest any of your ideas. Your suggestion and comments will always be welcome. Hope you enjoy my blog. Have a great weekend!

Thank you!!
Happy Quilling!!


  1. its beautiful card surely.. lo
  2. This is amazing Priya ! Loved mother n kid duo a lot and you have quilled it wonderfully .
  3. Adorable ! Lovely quilling!
  4. Beautiful quilling..............a happy card!
  5. it is so beautiful priya, hope you would link it to my week 2 challenge
  6. Adorable!!!
  7. Its just awesome...Expression is caught prefectly and so ur sketching :) Very happy mothers day, Priya!!!
  8. wat a adorable card... just love the way you have arranged the pearls as a frame ... :)dont be disappointed the features are very pretty even after you have drawn it....cute baby too :)
  9. Beautiful design and such neat paper graphic! I love it!

    Happy Quilling!
Thank you!
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