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Craft ideas for kids - Diwali lanterns

We had made two lanterns. I have posted step by step procedure of one Diwali lantern in my earlier post. Step by step procedure for this lantern is as follows:

1) Take two rectangular papers (any colour). One paper should be 1cm smaller in size than the other one. Keep one paper plain. On plain paper, leave 1cm space and start sticking 1cm paper strips at bottom of the paper (same as we had done in our earlier post).

2) Take other paper and draw lines leaving 1cm distance ( as shown in the image below).
3) Then fold the paper. Cut the lines with scissor or cutter till the line shown. We had left 1cm space on top and bottom of the paper.

After cutting you paper will look like this. Open the paper.

After sticking the 1cm paper strips, turn the paper. Take the folded paper and glue it on plain paper leaving 1inch space. (see the image below)

Glue golden or any shiny paper on that remaining space.

Staple the sides of paper. This is what you will get.

Hope this step by step procedures helps you in making Diwali lanterns with your kids.

Please feel free to contribute and suggest any of your ideas. Your suggestion and comments will always be welcome. Hope you enjoy my blog.

Thank you!!
Happy crafting!!

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