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Ceramic murals

Earlier, I had done faces of Rajasthani couple in 3d ceramic mural. This time I have tried to use same procedure in a different way. These are small murals ( size 6" by 6") with face of Sun. In 1st mural, I have taken small piece of circle ( size 4" by 4") and glue it on base wood. Then later on applied ceramic powder to give texture effect. Followed by cone work and face detailing done with clay work. Colour used for murals are gold, copper and bronze metallic colours.

kalanirmitee: 3D mural-mural
In 2nd mural, all work is done in clay. Here I have not used small circle piece of wood.Cone work and use of colours are same.

kalanirmitee: 3D mural-mural

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