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Ceramic mural: Ganesha

These are Ceramic murals. Theme for these murals is Ganesha. In 1st mural, I have written Ganesha mantra ( Vakratund Mahakay).For background, I have applied lot of ceramic paste and gave the texture with help of thick stick. Borders are done with clay.

kalanirmitee: ceramic mural-mural-ganesha

In this 2nd mural below, for background I have used dried Peepal leaves for texture. The bell, Om and mouse is made from clay. I have also written 12 names of Ganesha.
kalanirmitee: ceramic mural-mural-ganesha

Please feel free to contribute and suggest any of your ideas. Your suggestion and comments will always be welcome. Hope you enjoy my blog.

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Happy crafting!!

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