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Paper Quilling: Quilled portrait

Beautiful girl- Quilled portrait:

These days I am trying to do more portraits in Quilling. Wanted to be perfect in facial expressions/features in quilling. Hope you all like it..

kalanirmitee: Quilling-portrait

Please feel free to contribute and suggest any of your ideas. Your suggestion and comments will always be welcome. Hope you enjoy my blog.

Thank you!!
Happy Quilling!


  1. love perfect and neat..
  2. Wow ! This is truly amazing ! her hairs ,lips and eyes fantastic!
  3. Wow...Lovely quilling...Love the wavy swirls of hair, lively eyes...
  4. Fabulous Priyadarshini. I wish you could explain how you made the hair. The swirls are perfect.
  5. how you achieved the jet black shiny hair !

    Dr Sonia
  6. Very Pretty!!!
  7. Thank you all for your lovely comments!!
  8. Wonderful quilled portrait! Love how you did the hair, very realistic!

    Happy Quilling!
  9. Amazing!!!!!!

Thank you!
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